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Whoa. This dude.  He has got to go. Unfortunately, the reality of congress expelling him anytime soon, despite inciting an insurrection, is not promising. And, we all know he has no shame and likely won't resign, so that leaves us with 2024. How do we make that happen? We start now. We phone bank, we knock on doors and we fund organizations who are on the ground organizing and we don't stop until he's out of office. 

As frustrating as it is that Cruz won in 2018 and continues to allow his buy into conspiracy theories about rigged elections, it introduced us to Apatite, so there is a silver lining. These stones are totally badass.  They drive our personal power to achieve goals for the collective good.  The perfect stone to fight for the common good and put people in office who work for all of their constituents.


Tie this string around your wrist and commit to working toward the expulsion of Cruz. When the bracelet breaks in two, hopefully Cruz will have said toodle-oo.*

*In the likely event that Congress doesn't act to expel Rafael and Cruz fails to resign, may every glance at your bracelet remind you to take a moment to call or write your elected officials, fight for equity and justice, and expel a man who encourages conspiracy theories, incites an insurrection, and thinks the Paris Climate Accord is about Parisians. Together we can make it happen.


  • 5 Blue Apatites

  • 11ish" Carnelian Silk Cord

  • Gold Plated Beads

  • Tie Closure

  • Adjustable


Where will 50% of the sale price of  every bracelet purchased go?  You get to choose!  

www.traitorted.org  - the Texas Democrats are working to put people in all levels of office and Not Rafael "Ted" Cruz in 2024.


www.poweredXPeople.org - Powered By People is phone banking, door knocking and signing up new voters.  This is how we get it done.

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