I Am Enough

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It can be easy to forget, or maybe someone has made you feel like you're not, but you are. You, just as you are, are enough. 

Garnets are a fiery, grounding stone that inspires love, courage and hope. They enhance the connection with your authentic self and encourage deep love and passion. 

Tie this string around your wrist. Make a wish or make a whole list. When the bracelet breaks in two, the wish you wished may come true.*

*Disclaimer: In the likely event your wish does not come true, may every glance at your bracelet remind you that you are amazing, and you are enough.


  • 5 Garnet Beads

  • 11ish Inch Crimson Silk Cord

  • White Gold Plated Beads

  • Tie Closure

  • Adjustable

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